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Volunteering for PVGF is filled with fun, camaraderie, goodwill and excitement and you get to be a part of something that your friends and family are taking part in....

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Register Here **Registration fees do not include GST and online processing charges Prospera Valley GranFondo has partnered with Garneau to offer an exceptional rider...

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Supporting Youth Cycling

Supporting Youth Cycling

The Prospera Valley GranFondo is operated by Canadian Velo Events Management Society, a non-profit society devoted to creating cycling events that are accessible within...

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“Fantastic ride! Excellent roads and beautiful scenery, and the volunteers were all awesome too :)” – Dani Wallace

“The whole team had a great day with the ride being eell organized and a fun route – the growler was a nice bit of swag!” – Leah Hestrin Montgomery

“Well organized, very fun, and overall great event! Looking Forward to participating again!” – Brandon Jones

“Great ride. Well supported with some of the best complimentary swag, such as the 1L Growler with a free fill from Central City Brewing. This all totally made up for the fact that I got a flat about 5km into the ride!” – John Barclay

“After riding the 2013 and 2014 events, I can say it was fast, fun, friendly, well organized and the route was awesome! Not to mention extra convenient for those of us who live in the area!” – Morgan Cabot

“I participated in the MedioFondo this past weekend and wanted to thank the excellent volunteers and outstanding flag people in this event. The encouragement for those of us who were new to any kind of cycling event (and likely in the bottom 10% of times) were encouraging when I was having a bit of an energy dip and heartening the rest of the time.” – Rachel

“You guys put on a terrific event that was extremely well organized – the signage was outstanding, the number of flag people amazing and as always a terrific army of volunteers – congratulations on a great job” – Mike Hawes

“The ride was great, we will definitely be back next year, trying to get more people out to form a team. I thought the even was very well run and organized, congratulations, see you next year for sure, thanks again.” – John Manuel

“This was my first Fondo I’d ever done and was a fulfilling experience in that it was both challenging and enjoyable. The most memorable moment was the sprint for the finish line with hundreds of onlookers cheering, and an announcer calling out your name on their PA.” – Jeff Vertes

“The PVGF is well run, safe, scenic and always a challenge; that is what has kept me coming back every year since inception!” – Michael Woods

  • Dani Wallace
  • Leah Hestrin Montgomery
  • Brandon Jones
  • John Barclay
  • Morgan Cabot
  • Rachel
  • Mike Hawes
  • John Manuel
  • Jeff Vertes
  • Michael Woods


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  • Katrin Rytirova
  • Gabriela Rytirova
  • Karen Hardie
  • Rima Andre
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Leanna Maksymiuk

  • Shannon Shandro
  • Lilly Ujfalusi
  • Angela Law
  • Erin Turnery
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  • Esta Bovill
  • Lora Genaille
  • Stephanie Ribeiro
  • Chrissy Devall
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  • Craig Richey
  • Same Morris
  • Steve Savage
  • Brian Geerts
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  • Sean Richardson
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