PrestoFondo Half Century 50km


PrestoFondo Half Century “Family Fondo” – 50km

A mass-start at 7AM sharp!

This 50km route (48.5km actual) is a great introduction to participating in a mass cycling event. Cyclists depart Fort Langley and head south along Langley’s country roads. The course is predominantly flat with just enough hills to challenge you through the scenic route of Langley. Support vehicles guide you along the way to make your ride safe and enjoyable. The PrestoFondo is designed to inspire and challenge novice cyclists of all ages.

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NEW for 2018! DUE TO THE LOSS OF OUR MAIN PARKING AREA, each distance will have their own parking area. Please use the PrestoFondo Parking Directions link to get to your parking area.Parking opens at 5:30am and is limited so please CARPOOL! Arrive early to avoid getting to the start line late!

See the full Strava map and route details here!


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