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Package Pickup Details

Pick up your event package, check out special deals from our sponsors, visit the official Prospera Valley GranFondo Merchandise store and meet your fellow GranFondo riders at the Prospera Package Pickup Expo.

Vancouver Package Pickup -Thursday, July 19 

Time: 11:30am to 6:30pm

Location: The Roundhouse Community Arts & Rec Centre – 181 Roundhouse Mews Vancouver

Please note: a limited expo available at this location (no children’s activities).

Langley Package Pickup -Saturday, July 21

Time: 9:30am to 2:30pm

Location: National Historic Site 23433 Mavis Ave. Fort Langley – 5 minutes off of Hwy 1

Please Note: a full sponsor expo and children’s activities will be available

You will be able to once again bring your kids out to our PVGF package pick up on Saturday July 21 for some good Free Fun! Bike Decorating, Face Painting, Bouncy Castle, and of course the Kids Bike Race!

Below is the schedule for the kids races;

9:30-10:30 is kids race registration
10:00 iRide practice
10:30-11:00 Run Bikes
Two Wheelers 6 and under
Two Wheelers 7-9



PROSPERA Package Pickup. Get your event package (bike plate, wrist band, rider bib and sponsor swag).

Here are just some of the things riders will receive in the 2018 Rider Bag;

  • ELITE Water bottle provided by FasTrack Auto, London Drugs, Hexcel Construction and Applewood Auto Group
  • Bike tire repair kit provided by Prospera Credit Union
  • Commemorative glass from Trading Post Beer
  • EcoTex micro fibre towel
  • Clif Bar
  • and more!!

Below are the 2017 rider bag gifts!

Screenshot 2017-06-28 05.58.16   Screenshot 2017-06-28 05.55.48

Screenshot 2017-06-28 05.55.02   Screenshot 2017-06-28 06.12.14   Screenshot 2017-06-28 06.20.52
Participant ID. Your bike number, bib and wrist band will admit you to the Rest Stops and Finish area.
Sponsor Expo. See what our sponsors have in store for you.
Official Merchandise Store. Great deals and lots of 2018 Prospera Valley GranFondo merchandise to choose from.

The Finish Area for the 2018 Prospera Valley GranFondo participants included:

  • Finishers Medal
  • Complimentary secure bike parking for all riders
  • Riders Garden – Where riders get their FREE post ride Trading Post beer!
  • Complimentary hydration and nutrition station (riders only)
  • London Drugs Photo Booth
  • Food trucks
  • Medical tent
  • Bag check
  • Massage services available from Twin Rinks Physiotherapy (riders only)
  • Sponsor activations

Post ride meals for 2018 riders are

Wilkyz Grill – Burgers, Smoked Sausage and Smokies!

Getting to the Event!

Downloadable info sheet coming soon!



Event Overview


NEW for 2018!!! Now signing your waiver online allows you to come pick up your rider package…and your friends or teammates! 

Getting to the Start Line
Make your day with the Prospera Valley GranFondo a stress-free experience by following these tips for getting to the start line:

  1. Have a buddy drop you and your bike off at the pre-determined drop off location at the plaza parking lot at Glover and 96. See map for details.
  2. Carpool where ever possible as parking is limited and access to that parking is restrictive. If you do need to park a vehicle for the day, allow a minimum of 30 minutes to drive into Fort Langley, find parking and make your way to the start line at Mavis & Royal Street. Obey all parking volunteers and do not park in restricted areas. Parking – NEW PARKING AREA COMING SOON.

Start Location & Time
Cat 1, 2 and 3 will start at 6:50am on Queen St. before the mass start. All other categories will start en-mass at 7:00am sharp on Mavis Street in front of the Fort Langley National Historic site in Fort Langley.

Licensed Rider Corral – 6:50AM START!
This is a corral dedicated to riders with a current UCI road race license in Category 1, 2 and 3. By creating this special corral for licensed riders, it allows those riders who are more experienced and competitive to ride with equally competitive and skilled riders. If riders would like to start in this special corral, please bring your current/valid UCI road racing license with you to show at the Solutions Desk at Package Pickup. You will be given a sticker for your bike plate that will then give you access to this corral on event morning. No sticker, no access! 


Self-Seeding for Corrals – 7:00AM START!
Riders are asked to seed themselves according to their estimated average speed during the ride. This ensures riders of similar ability and pace are starting together regardless of what distance they are doing. Please be realistic and seed yourself in the most accurate average speed you will be holding for the majority of the ride.


GranFondo CutOff  Time
We will be issuing a cutoff time to GranFondo riders of 10:40am at the MedioFondo turn off. For those that do not make it by 10:40 they will need to take the MedioFondo turn off. This comes down to purely a liability decision based on the time that we need to have riders off our controlled course dictated by the Ministry of Transport. This also means that riders who get turned onto the MedioFondo route will now get in earlier and be able to enjoy more of the festivities with their fellow riders.

Traffic Management
Please be aware this event is on a shared roadway course. Event cyclists will have the right-of-way at intersections controlled by a certified traffic control person. At all other times, cyclists must obey rules of the road. Use caution at all times and be prepared for the possibility of pedestrians, non-event vehicles, non-registered cyclists and even animals on the course.

On-Course Support
There are 6 Aid Stations out there, 5 on the GranFondo course, 3 on the MedioFondo, and 1 on the PrestoFondo. At each station, there will be water, Born Energy drink, ClifBars, fruit, pretzels, beef jerky and more provided by Buy Low Foods as well as washroom facilities.


Post-Ride Festivities
After you finish, enjoy a post-ride meal from one of the food trucks in the finish area. Your meal tag on your wristband is all you need. No tag, no meal so make sure to put your wristband on in the morning.

On event day, you MUST have:

  1. A 2018 Prospera Valley GranFondo bike plate correctly mounted to your bike
  2. Event Bib pinned to your back so event staff can clearly identify you from behind
  3. Event wristband on your wrist

Failure to be wearing all three items WILL result in the rider being removed from the event.

*If you would like to have an official time of your ride then please put your rider plate on your bars the way that it is shown below. If you choose not to you will not have a time and listing in results.*

Official Valley GranFondo Gear

Our online store is now closed but we will have merchandise for order at package pick ups and event day.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

General Information

What does my registration include?

Included with each registration is the following:

  • A timing chip and bike plate
  • A Rider bag full of sponsor gifts
  • Tire repair kit from Prospera Credit Union
  • Elite Water Bottle provided by FasTrack Autobody, London Drugs, Hexcel Construction and Applewood Auto Group
  • Commemorative glass from Trading Post Beer
  • Micro Fibre Towel from EcoTex
  • Unparalleled on route mechanical from VeloFix
  • Medical support from BC Ambulance and St. Johns
  • Food and drink at six aid stations from Buy Low Foods
  • Shared lanes, select closed roads, rights of way and a entirely traffic managed route
  • Finishers Medal
  • Your first Trading Post Beer is on us…you earned it!
  • Complimentary post-ride meal from Wilkyz Food Truck – Smokies and Burgers

Who is the charitable partner for the Prospera Valley GranFondo?

Cycling BC Youth in Cycling program called iRide, Escape Velocity’s Devo and Bridge the Gap

Do you rent bikes?

No. Contact us at info@valleygranfondo.com if you need help finding a company that supplies road bike rentals.

Can I volunteer?

Yes please! Visit us here and sign up.

What kind of bike can I ride?

Any bicycle as long as it is upright and you pedal it…no Recumbent or Elliptical

Is there an official race photo service?

Yes, Marathon Photos. You will be able to purchase photos of yourself during the ride after the event.

Is there an official Hotel with a preferred rate?

Not at this time but there are various hotels in the area. Sandman and Holiday Inn in Walnut Grove.


When is the deadline to register online?

July 15, 2018 at midnight. We will offer registration at package pick up on July 19/21 only if we have not sold out.

When and where is package pick-up?

Vancouver Package Pickup Thursday, July 19 11:30am to 5:30pm Location Roundhouse – 181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific) Vancouver Please note, limited expo available at this location VANCOUVER

Langley Package Pickup Saturday, July 21 9:30am to 2:30pm Location: National Historic Site – 23433 Mavis Ave. Fort Langley – 5 minutes off of Hwy 1 Note, a full sponsor expo and children’s activities will be available

Event package includes:

  • Bike plate
  • Bib for riders
  • Event wristband

Gifts from our sponsors:

  • Tire repair kit from Prospera Credit Union
  • Elite Water Bottle provided by FasTrack Autobody, London Drugs, Hexcel Construction and Applewood Auto Group
  • Commemorative Glass from Trading Post
  • Micro Fibre Towel from EcoTex
  • And more…

On event day, you MUST have:

  1. A 2018 Prospera Valley GranFondo bike plate correctly mounted to your bike.
  2. Event Bib pinned to your back so event staff can clearly identify you from behind.
  3. Event wristband on your wrist.

Failure to be wearing all three items WILL result in the rider being removed from the event.

Can I get a refund if I have already registered?


How do I transfer my registration to someone else?

This is very easy to do. Simply login to your CCN account and follow the prompts. Keep in mind that there is a $50 fee to do this.

When do I get the kit I have purchased?

By mid June

I have signed up for the PrestoFondo and want to switch to the MedioFondo or I have signed up for the MedioFondo and want to switch to the GranFondo. How do I do this?

Email us at ridercare@valleygranfondo.com and we’ll take care of it for you.

I signed up for GranFondo and want to switch to the MedioFondo or PrestoFondo. Can I get a refund of the difference?




Are there any group training rides?

Yes! Visit us here to learn more!

How should I structure my training?

If you are new to cycling you can follow our training programs to get you rolling! Visit us here to learn more!

Day of Ride

How long do I have to finish the GranFondo?

You must cross the finish line by 3:20PM, so the minimum speed for the GranFondo is 20km/h and a 5 minute stop at each of the four aid stations. We control the minimum speed with a “lantern rouge” which will drive the route. Riders could be slower than 20km/h near the end of the ride or on hills, but will still meet the target if they maintain an average of 20km/h. Therefore, the longest a GranFondo rider should take is 8:20 to the finish line.

How long do I have to finish the MedioFondo?

You must cross the finish line by 1:07 PM, 6:07 hours with an average speed of 15km/h and a 5 minute break at each aid station. We manage the MedioFondo the same way as the GranFondo with the lantern rouge. If there are MedioFondo riders still worried about maintaining a 15km/h speed for the entire 90km, there is a feature in the MedioFondo route that benefits the MF riders with a non-published relaxed minimum speed for the last part of the ride. The 62km point of the MF route re-joins the GF route and the route is shared for the remainder of the ride. At that point we will not enforce the minimum 15km/h speed for the MF riders and they just need to stay ahead of the last GF rider because the route will have to stay open for the GF riders coming later. This means that MF riders only need to maintain an average 15km/h speed for the first 62km. They could average 8km/h after the 62 km/h point and finish ahead of the last GF rider. Or, putting it another way, they could still try to maintain a 15km/h average, but take a 2 hour break at the last rest stop. So you see that the MF route should be achievable by most people.

How long do I have to finish the PrestoFondo?

You must cross the finish line by 10:30AM, so 3.5 hours with an average speed of 15kph and a 5 minute break at each aid station.

What do I get when I finish?

A complimentary post-ride meal from Wilkyz Smokies and Burgers, your first Red Truck beer is on us, a selection of beer and wine will be available to choose from that you can purchase.

Will there be aid stations? Where are they?

There are six aid stations along the route. Check out the route map here!

What will be at the aid stations?

At each aid station there will be water; sports drinks by Born Energy and Clif bars; fruit and more goodies from Buy Low Foods and a place to use the washroom.

What do I need to carry with me on the ride?

We recommend bringing water, snacks, and a small repair kit. Also, be prepared for weather changes!

What if I am too tired to finish the course?

If you cannot continue don’t worry. We have multiple support vehicles along the route that can bring you back to the start/finish area.

Is the entire route traffic managed?

Yes! Cyclists will have the right-of-way along each of the routes. Cyclists must still follow the rules of the road, but vehicle traffic will be managed in such a way to ensure cyclists can ride uninterrupted and safely.

If my bike breaks down and can’t be repaired, how do I get back to the finish line?

We have VeloFix on course that can be dispatched to help you. If your bike cannot be easily repaired a support vehicle will take you and your bike back to the start/finish line.

How will I know where to turn on the route?

The routes will be staffed with volunteers, traffic control professionals, police, and plenty of signs.

What is your dispatch phone number?

We all ride with our cell phones. In case you need anything or you encounter a situation where you require minor medical or mechanical support you are encouraged to phone our dispatch number so we can get our people to you immediately. If the situation is a medical emergency please phone 911!

Our dispatch number is 604.866.4664. This number will connect you with our staff at the event management tent.

After The Ride

What festivities will be taking place after the rides?

Once you cross the finish line there is lots to do. Eat, enjoy a Trading Post craft beer for $4, and socialize with your fellow riders outside the Fort on the grass area! Enjoy the cycling themed festivities and the offerings from our sponsors.

Do I need my ID to get into the beer garden?

Yes! At package pick up you will receive a wrist band to wear which will have your food and drink ticket attached to it.

When and where will ride results be posted?

Your ride results will be posted in the results tent inside the Fort shortly after you cross the finish line and on the web page later in the day.

Is there a meal and drinks at the end of the ride?

Participants of the GranFondo, MedioFondo and PrestoFondo will receive a complimentary Red Truck Beer and a post-ride meal from one of our food trucks.