Team Event

Discounted Team Registration – $150 per person until Jun 15 then $175!

To qualify for the discounted rate of registration as a team you must have at least 12 people within the same distance. One person needs to sign up as the captain to create the team and then send the link to the others interested in being on that team. Each individual will automatically receive the discounted rate, but by the time of package pick up you must have your 12 people to qualify to keep that discount. If you have under 12 people at package pick up each person will need to pay the difference at the regular rate for that distance.

Register Here

*DEADLINE FOR TEAM CHANGES IS SUNDAY JULY 8, all 12+ team members must be registered. We are unable to accommodate any team changes after this time.

To check your team roster, use the Registrant Search tool and search by team name.

*If you signed up as an individual and want to join a team we can help – but there is no refund on the difference in cost of registration.

Once you have your team together why not make a team kit through our partner Garneau. Check out Garneau’s Custom Team Kit section.

Not a designer and need some help? No problem! Garneau has a staff of designers to help with your kit design…free of charge!

Once you have your idea and want to take the next step just email and they’ll help you to get it done.

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Team Challenge

Challenge your teamwork skills by participating in the team event.

Overall Competition is for the team with the closest spread amongst their top 5 riders for the Top ALL MALE, ALL FEMALE and MIXED TEAMS. The format will be based on Gun time to Chip time. Everyone will receive the same starting time and your finishing time will be based on your chip once you cross that line back in the Fort.

NOTE – There will be no refunds associated with an individual rider moving over to a team.

Team Roster

Check your team roster by searching your name here – if you don’t see a team listed then you are NOT on a team. If you created a team when you registered, you can check your team roster by logging-in to your CCN user account and using the Team Management Tools. To add individuals already registered to your team, email a request to CCN or call them.

Team Challenge Official Rules and Regulations

Only GranFondo and MedioFondo teams are eligible to win the team prize. All gender categories (male, female, and mixed) in the GranFondo and MedioFondo will be grouped together and the results used to determine the single winning team from the six team types. Results for each team type will still be posted.

The winning team is the one with the smallest time span of minimum five riders crossing the finish line. The finish line gun time will be used, not the rider elapsed time.

In the event of a tie, the time of the 6th rider will be included and the smallest time span of riders crossing the finish line will again be used as the tie breaker to determine the winner. If there is still a tie, the next rider will be included until the 9th rider is added. If a team does not have an additional rider time to add, or has a rider that is DNF or DNS, the tie breaker is given to the team with the additional finishing rider. If there still is a tie after all additional riders have been added and the teams have the same number of riders, the winner will be determined by coin toss.

2017 Prospera Valley Granfondo TEAM Competition

The Prospera Valley Granfondo is offering two seperate team competitions.  One for the Granfondo riders and one for the Licensed Riders who start ten minutes prior to the main event.

If you are on one of these teams you and your mates have a chance to win prizes from Red Racer Beer and Township 7 Winery.  In order to qualify your team must start either one or the other category as a group.

In each category, there will be prizes for the top Men’s, top Women’s and top Mixed teams.


The winning team will be announced as soon as possible after the results are in. They may occur on event day, but may be up to 24 hours later if confirmation of timing is required. The winning team does not have to be present to win. The winning team captain will be notified by phone and email. The winning captain will have 30 days to claim the prize. Prizes may be claimed at the stage on event day.