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TaG Cycling / Valley Fondo Training Plan April to July 2018

Spring and Summer Valley Fondo Prep time is here!
Going into April, you can assess where you are starting from in fitness and what distance will be your goal. Gran Fondo, and Medio Fondo Riders
By now you should have some base . Do not despair if you feel you haven’t been on your bike much yet.

It doesn’t matter if some basic aerobic fitness was primarily from XC skiing or another sport in the off season. This all counts for endurance base. Now you want to adapt that base for cycling, and to fine tune. Also key,is to take rest where you need, It is important at this stage to prepare the body for some hard efforts, to stimulate the system and learn to handle some work load..but to allow for recovery and rest.

Keep up the technical skills working on good riding habits, climbing technique, gearing, and cadence .Spend part of every ride thinking about elements of the Fondo that you can prepare for. Practise eating and drinking on your rides, so that it is not stressful and find what works for you in the food and drinks you use.

The plan below recommends weeks that include efforts of various levels and rest periods. Key workouts are in BOLD. Hrs of riding is a suggestion but based on a riders level and distance of event.

You an subtract or add..but stick to the proportions of training. Eg. . A newer or more recreational rider may find 2-3 hrs enough stimulation for an endurance ride and training for up to the Medio distance. 1-1 1⁄2 hrs around a high intensity workout will be plenty. A more competitive or Gran Fondo rider may consider some endurance rides of 3 1/2-41/2 hrs and do a high intensity (Lactate Threshold) workout in a 2 hr total ride .

There is no cookie cutter method and so these are guidelines that can be adjusted around work,life and experience. The important element is understanding Hard and Easy rather than riding medium “something” all the time.This is how the greatest results will be achieved. It is also important to understand that there needs to be some “unloading” and that the REST allows for the training gains to take place.

Stretch , Yoga and Core. Take time to put this in your schedule. It can be as simple as a few exercises before bed or around coffee time. You don’t have to add the stress of getting to another class…just do your own routine at home.

Download Training Plan here – 2018 ValleyFondo Training

ENDURANCE PACE = Able to talk. In this range you are still working with enough Oxygen that you are able to clear lactic acid. It is a wide range and PE perceived effort is often the best test. Spitting out words likely means you are going too hard. A good guideline is 6/10 effort or fluctuating around 60% of Max Aerobic Power (55-70%). This will move around with the terrain, which is why consistent flat rides are good to achieve this training affect

TEMPO = effort is about 8/10 perceived exertion, 85% power output starting to build a significant amount of lactic acid but forcing your body to buffer it and clear effectively Tempo is an excellent workout for developing aerobic power and endurance. Jumping up and down on the pedals in these efforts tends to push you up into Lactate Threshold which is the range above this where we play with developing that threshold

LACTATE THRESHOLD(LAT RIDE) = Steady State Intervals 85-100% Challenging the threshold level and teaching the body to process and deal with lactic acid…which makes us feel like crap and have to stop. Quite often it is your brain telling you to give up when it hurts. As we learn to understand the feeling, we can better deal with it. Telling the brain it’s ok..Have that discussion in training..And teach yourself to push through by experiencing the feeling in training. These intervals can be done on flats or a hill but will challenge you differently on each. Don’t rely on hill repeats alone. Learn to generate this amount of effort on the flats

MAX AEROBIC POWER= Efforts are short intense efforts at your highest range of capability. As pertains to the upcoming race, this will help put you over the top of hard climbs still pedaling your bike and allow you to

ACTIVE RECOVERY= any activity or cross train that is low intensity and gets your blood flowing. Examples hike, swim light run.

REST= enjoy your day this is where your hard work gets to take affect